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Interactive tour showcasing available land lots and surrounds amenities and infrastructure

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The new benchmark in off-the-plan project marketing


Townhouse development situated in Brisbane. Tour developed to display all aspects of development, including pool and leisure areas

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Mixed development consisting of lower commercial and retail space and upper apartment living. Located in Sippy Downs.


IMMERSIV is a fully digital interactive sales experience for off-the-plan developments.

Born from an ever changing architectural environment, the tool immerses buyers into your off-plan property development.

Buyers can interact in an entirely new way to remove guesswork and bring forward the purchase decision. Deployed via touchscreen in sales display suites and via  digital link for remote presentations.

This innovative 3D walkthrough sales tool has been created to develop emotional connections and easy to understand environments of unbuilt property purchasers.

Through IMMERSIV, buyers will be given the opportunity to explore, connect and be amazed by every aspect of their new home by giving real-time feedback in choosing colour schemes, viewing how the space will appear at different times of the day and the flexibility to see the view-lines at different vantages.

It allows sales team to centralise all marketing material, allowing for a seamless sales presentation with videos, floorplans, images and interactive tours all in one simple interface.


Benefits for buyers:

- Fully immerse themselves into the development

- Walk through a property to explore every angle and view

- Takes guesswork out of buying process, developing trust in their purchase decision

= Views finishes, swap materials, measure spaces and dimensions - in real time

Benefits for the developer/sales agents: 

- Enhances the decision making process by putting the buyer into the development

- Show views on any level or outlook instantaneously 

- Demonstate entire development in one easy to use program 

- Cuts costs by removing need for printed materials

- Software transferable to new developments